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  Dream Catcher

Listen to Vicki Vann’s album, Dream Catcher, and you will hear many things: Love. Determination. Romance. Sweetness. Maturity. Freedom. Peace of Mind. Yet chief among the things you will hear is the sound of a woman becoming her own person and staying true to her heart.

Co-produced by Vicki--with contributions from several award winning writers, Dream Catcher shines a light on a side of Vicki that she’s never had the opportunity to let free. “I’ve been searching my soul for things I wanted to sing about and things I wanted to say and so I came up with this record, Vicki explains. “When people listen to this record it will cause them to feel something. That is my mission accomplished.”

That’s because the songs on Dream Catcher reflect the growth that Vicki has been experiencing. Residing in Southern California, and firmly in control of her life and creative output, Vicki has reached far inside to come up with an album that may well be the most personal of her career. Dream Catcher might be Vicki’s second collection but, in terms of emotional honesty and stylistic range, it is, in a real sense, the first album that‚s truly her own. That’s because Dream Catcher marks Vicki’s debut as co-producer and her lyrical and musical influences fuel the album’s thematic journeys. “I’ve wanted artistic control for a long time but in the past I wasn’t able to get it, she confesses. “Being in charge of your creative destiny is beautiful for any artist, especially someone like me who wants to sing about real life situations and to inspire others. This time I really wanted to make an album that was real and organic and that you could listen to all the way through and maybe become inspired to face your feelings and follow your dreams.”

Dream Catcher is filled with both emotion and love, with lyrics drawn from personal experiences and journal entries to create an album resonating with a captivating reality. Just listen to the bittersweet ballad White Lies And Picket Fences. “I chose that song for a message to listeners to continue to dream, Vicki says. “It‚s often difficult to get through each day knowing that your dreams that you‚ve always planned for and wanted may never, ever come true but continue to dream, sometimes making new dreams in the process for a happy life. I‚m sure that plenty of people can relate to the song and its message.”

“Is It Ok To Cry Now,” an emotional ode to the ups and downs of romantic love, was chosen by Vicki after several close family members of hers were in relationships and decided to go their own separate ways. “This song really hit home for me and I know immediately after listening to it, that this song was going to be included on my new cd.”

Vicki cites the love and support of her fans as the motivation behind the bonus track which is a message of determination and inspiration. Set to a gentle, acoustic lace melody, “I Won’t Settle For Less Than You,” is according to Vicki, about “...being comfortable in your own skin, being worthy and feeling beautiful. I wrote in the liner notes that this is for all the fans. I want them to listen to the song and let the lyrics serve as an inspiration.”

Inspiration and spirit have always been crucial to Vicki. From the beginning of her career she has aimed to be more than just a one hit wonder. She’s always invested her songs with emotion and lived her life with a positive outlook in a manner that stays true to her beliefs.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Vicki veered toward country music after being exposed to many other genres of music at an early age. Among her musical influences are Crystal Gayle, Dolly Parton, The Judds, Karen Carpenter, Linda Rondstadt, Marie Osmond, Reba McEntire, Patty Loveless, Patsy Cline, and Loretta Lynn. But perhaps her greatest musical influence of all was her very own dad who was a gospel singer in the Grammy Award winning gospel group, The Mighty Clouds Of Joy. Her first audience was in her father‚s church he pastored, for he was a Baptist minister. There she learned how to fully use her vocal skills. It was a very forgiving group of folks because it consisted mostly of family and her dad’s many friends. It was a lesson far from singing in her room for hours and hours daily where her only audience was here dolls on the shelves. Vicki went on to sing throughout her school years along with working as a model.

Following graduation, Vicki decided to become a kindergarten teacher. “I love kids! They’re so honest and beautiful, and they were always willing to listen to me sing! I had a chance to help shape the future of these kids. I made a difference by being their first official teacher!”

While teaching school by day, Vicki was gigging with her band at night and on weekends all around Southern California. Vicki performed in Nashville on her first trip to Tennessee and also appeared at Fan Fair. Within a short period of time, Vicki was chosen to appear on CMT's Waiting In The Wings documentary of rising young stars and soon found her way traveling to Switzerland to play the 39 Days of Country Music Festival alongside Pam Tillis and Neal McCoy. After such a hectic performing schedule for several years, Vicki said goodbye to her kindergarten students and decided to pursue her singing career full time. “I had exhausted all of my substitute teachers and after teaching school all day and gigging at night living on strong coffee, and Krispy Kremes, I needed to make a choice. It was tough to leave the kids at school because they felt safe for me, but I had enormous support from my closest friends and family. I had always taught the kids to follow their dreams and to dream big, and what better way to teach them than to lead by example? I gave my notice, packed up my classroom, prayed, and I never looked back.”

With her new album, Vicki Vann comes into her own as a woman and refines her ever-evolving voice as an artist. Collaborating with a crop of seasoned writers and producers, Vicki has created an album that sounds fresh and rings absolutely true. Her message? “It’s about confidence, acceptance and validation, and not being afraid to take risks.”