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After observing the magnitude of NBC’s American Gladiators, ‘Hollywood’ Don Yates, all 6 feet-4 inches and 235 pounds of him, it’s hard to believe that anyone thought that he would actually turn out to be a jockey-but that’s what ‘Hollywood’s’ Grandfather believed when Hollywood was tormenting the other kids in the neighborhood as he was growing up on Phoenix’s West-Side.

“I was really short until high school and my family just thought I’d end up being small,” remembers Hollywood. He entered his junior year in high school at about 5’2” and was 5’10” at graduation. After high school he hit his stride. “You should have seen the looks on people’s faces when I attended my high school reunion.”

Maybe some of the complexity of his growth explains his wide range in life of this daunting competitor. Hollywood’s resume reads like the true Renaissance man- 23 years on the professional rodeo circuit as a bullfighter and rodeo clown, including 2 world titles and countless trophies. He wrestled professionally with the WWE and has been a stunt performer and actor.

Most veterans of the rodeo circuit probably don’t also write poetry and songs, study comedy, pen screenplays, and can also pull off acting. Hollywood can be as down to earth and humble as they come, yet when he rolls into the bull-ring or arena- everything changes- “I am not into humiliating people- but when I’m competing I love destroying any hope my opponent might have- I want to take their heart away-so when they look up and see me- they feel crushed, like there’s no chance at all.”

Hollywood Don Yates, known as “WOLF” on American Gladiators, is as tough and wild as they come. You will witness his power as he rolls into your living room as one of the six male American Gladiators (there are also 6 females), to take on the challengers in contests like the Joust, the Wall, Gauntlet and Earthquake-and quaking may be what you’ll see his opponents do as they look up and see that they have to take on this rough and tumble hard hitting outlaw- and the bad news for competitors- the dude also hates to lose.