What is a Publicist?
Publicists are sources of information that feed story ideas to editors, writers and producers. A good publicist will be able to extract an interesting angle from the artist's activities and pitch that idea to the media. Publicity has a unique opportunity to become the driving force in the building of a client's brand by ways of the media realm.

An independent publicist is a PR professional who is familiar with gaining exposure for clients on a regional and national basis. Often an indie PR firm is hired when publicity needs become more than a record label or management company can handle or if the artist needs a more concentrated effort to obtain a face in the media's eyes.

To start a publicity campaign you first must…
  • Gain a clear understanding of the artist's selling points-- in other words what is the "hook?"
  • Have a grasp on the targeted audience.
  • Research to target the right media outlets by creating a custom media list consisting of magazines, newspapers, Websites and broadcast program.
  • Look into other outlets that your audience could be reached. It is very important to target all possible media outlets.
  • Aim media coverage that coincides with live performance dates or release of CD- this is often referred to as tour press and can be very effective in reaching your target audience one city at a time!
  • Activity! It is very important the client has something to talk about!!

The Tools of PR...
One of the most common methods of distributing information to the media is via the press kit. A press kit is usually composed of a number of information pieces designed specifically for use by the media. Enclosed within a folder, a press kit includes something like the following:
  • Bio
  • Black and white publicity photo
  • Fact sheet or background sheet
  • Press Releases
  • Information pieces such as:
    • Reviews
    • Any feature stories written about the artist
  • A cover letter personally addressed to the media contact stating a brief summary of the angle you are working on to obtain media exposure. This is also referred to as the "pitch letter."
Press kits can serve many purposes and should provide information to meet the needs of the specific media outlet it is intended for.

An important fact to remember in the world of publicity…
The media is a rapid and growing outlet. It is always important to stay abreast of the media for new channels, Websites and talk shows. Reading trade magazines and regularly pursuing new and old publications will assist in keeping a handle on the changing mediascape. Always update your media contacts!!!

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